Statex involved in the production of fibre and yarn testing instruments

The Statex administrative office is located in Coimbatore. Centralized head office comprises of R & D Block and various departments like sales, service, purchase, HR and accounts.

Sales are carried out through various well established agents appointed throughout India and abroad. Service is carried out by well trained engineering graduates at customer’s places. Advanced research and development team is capable to design and fabricate any sophisticated instrument. All Statex products are designed and developed by its own R & D team. Statex Compact and Veguam – 2 (High Volume Instrument) is a milestone for Statex R & D team. Statex has generated and achieved more than six patented technology for their inventions. Knowing the keen interest of the customers, Statex with its strong and efficient team will continue to fulfill and upgrade the needs of the textile industry.

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